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Haroon Moolla

Haroon Moolla

Company : Clientèle

Position : IT Services

Phone : 011 320 3000

Web :

Career and educational highlights

Haroon Moolla has worked in the IT industry for 22 years in South Africa as well as Dubai, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. He has extensive experience in technical and business strategy as well as ?nancial and resource management. His areas of specialisation include software, infrastructure and telecommunications. Moolla joined Clientèle in 2008 after working several years as an independent strategy consultant. Previous employers include Microsoft and HP. While in the US, Moolla formed Venture i2i, a venture capital incubator for new companies; SmartCapital, an investment ?rm specialising in funding new technology companies; and the ?rst business incubator in California for female entrepreneurs. Moolla holds several local and international quali?cations in marketing, business management, e-business, project management, ?nance and venture capital. He attained an MBA in e-business at the American Universities Group in the UK.

Reporting structure

Moolla reports to Clientèle’s MD and serves on the board of the group’s life assurance company. He is responsible for executing the vision of the group’s executive, which charts Clientèle’s next trajectory of growth. Clientèle’s IT services division, which comprises 55 people, serves more than 1 000 information workers across the group’s six subsidiaries. Reporting directly to Moolla are seven managers who are responsible for software engineering, infrastructure and communications.

The next big thing in IT

The ubiquity of the internet will continue to drive remote access computing. Tablet computing, particularly Apple and Android products, will soar. The proliferation of smart mobile devices will prompt service providers new and old to deliver more products and services across e-mail, VOIP, remote disk storage, pay-per-use and on-demand services. Corporate users of IT will need to expand their coverage of support across a myriad platforms and devices. This will force new levels of thinking at the security, application and database layers of IT installations. Pressures on corporate income statements may result in the rationalisation of datacentres and increased outsourcing. Metro centres will begin to capitalise on Metro Ethernet as a primary source of data traf?c, potentially fueling growth in uni?ed voice and data communications.
Last update: June 2011
Published: Brainstorm CIO Directory 2011