Put yourself on the recruitment map

1 November 2005

No time to study the papers for job ads or drive around to scores of dead-end job interviews? Online recruitment is growing fast as South Africans discover the benefits of using the Net to advertise a CV or fine-tune a job search.

Online recruitment is showing rapid growth, say major players in the online recruitment space.

The concept is simple – generally, job seekers post their CVs on a recruitment site while companies offering jobs pay to place advertisements on the site. Both parties can easily access the information they want with the minimum of expense, time and effort.

Tens of thousands of job seekers currently have their details posted on one or more of South Africa`s major recruitment sites.

A quick poll of top SA recruitment sites shows that all of them have experienced growth of 40 percent or more in the past year.

PNet, a site offering recruitment across all sectors, reports overall growth of 42 percent in the past year, which it attributes to the fact that its client base has grown by over 35 percent in the same time.

Bradley Taylor, PNet operations Director, notes that more job advertisements means more users coming to the site. He also attributes the growth to the fact that Internet access costs have dropped somewhat, making it possible for more home users to access the sites.

CareerWeb, an ICT-specific recruitment site, reports a 45 percent increase in the number of unique visitors visiting the site since August last year.

CareerJunction, a recruitment site operating across all sectors, reports similar growth, with a 40 percent increase in the number of unique users over the past year.

CareerJunction reported 205 000 unique visitors in August this year and 8 976 225 page impressions during the same period – 52 percent up on a year ago.

In August 2005 CareerJunction had a 62 percent increase in the number of resumes posted on the site (over 9 000 new resumes) and advertised over 20 000 jobs on behalf of its clients, which is an 80 percent increase in the number of jobs advertised in August 2004.

PNet had more than 167 000 unique visitors during month of August 2005.

Taylor reports: “PNet showed good growth in job postings in the past 12 months. Our jobs posted during August 2004 was 8 742, as opposed to 11 137 in August 2005. Resume submissions increased from 187 000 in August 2004 to over 216 000 current in the same period this year.”

Ernie Hipner, business development person for CareerWeb, says there were about 11 000 unique visitors to Careerweb in August this year and around 230 000 page impressions over this period.

There has been a 60 percent increase in the number of jobs advertised (1 100 in August 2005) on the site and a 70 percent increase in the number of resumes placed on the site (2 140 resumes in August this year) compared to the same period last year.

“Online recruitment offers the jobseeker or employer so many more advantages than print,” says Hipner. “One core advantage for jobseekers is that they can now keep their CV online and market their skills 24/7. There is no need to for them to pick up print publications and conduct tedious searches for the ideal job – they can simply go online, use the advanced search engines to find jobs that are relevant and apply online with a click of a button.”

CareerJunction said in a statement that its Customer Satisfaction Survey, carried out in July this year, had found that the main reason recruitment agencies use online recruitment is because they receive more applicants than via other mediums, and because it is more targeted to their needs.

Taylor comments: “Online recruitment is showing tremendous growth as more and more companies turn to the internet as a reliable, speedy and cost effective talent and skills sourcing mechanism. Almost all corporate websites have a careers section, which accept applications to advertised vacancies online. In addition to advertising vacancies on their own sites, Job Boards such as PNet and our competitors are being used to further market these vacancies to suitable applicants using smart matching tools, which otherwise wouldn`t be available were they not online.

“Among the benefits achieved are a reduction in cost and time to hire as well as improving quality of response, which makes e-recruitment an essential business tool to the recruitment industry.”