Join this online session and hear about how public sector ICT executives are digitally reinventing their organisations in order to stay ahead of digital transformation and the role of private sector, civil society, public sector and SMMEs in advancing digital inclusion and economic growth?

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  • Date: Friday, 23 April
  • Venue: Online
  • Time: 10:00 - 12:00 (GMT+2)

Public Sector ICT Enterprise Forum:
Accelerated Digital Transformation & Inclusion as Drivers for Economic Growth

While delivering his last three State of the Nation Addresses, President Cyril Ramaphosa has explicitly alluded to the positive impact of technology in spurring economic growth in the country.

What also came out strongly in these addresses, is the need to spread the wings of technology to all the corners of South Africa geographically, racially, economically and socially. This will play a huge role in bridging, not only the digital divide, but also the economic and social gaps, which is a move towards seeing the country’s economy growing from strength to strength.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also played a role in accelerating the rate and speed at which organisations in the public and private sectors are digitally reinventing themselves in order to meet fast-changing consumer needs.

In support of this government undertaking and new economic reality, the Accelerated Digital Transformation & Inclusion as Drivers for Economic Growth webinar will explore how to level the playing field between corporates and ICT entrepreneurs who are still finding their feet in the sector by shedding light on procurement processes, models of funding ICT projects and how to gain professional experience and exposure for SME’s.

It will also examine the measures that CIOs and other IT executives in the public sector have put in place to ensure that their organisations churn out innovations at a faster pace in order to stay ahead of digital transformation and thus, deliver services effectively and timeously.

Attendance is free; the only prerequisite is that you must be a senior-level public sector ICT decision-maker, a CIO, GITO or DG/DDG focused on ICT strategy within your municipality, government department (national or provincial level) or at a parastatal.

Your Event Host

Victor Kgomoeswana
author, radio and television presenter/commentator

Victor Kgomoeswana has extensive experience in advising multinational corporations on their business expansion strategies across Africa. His media experience dates back to 1996, when he founded, produced and presented a youth talk radio show on Radio East Rand – a community radio station for Ekurhuleni. Some of the young people he trained on the show include the founder and publisher of a national magazine and a senior Executive in Marketing at the SABC.

He is the author of a pocket guide on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and the bestselling 2014 book, Africa is Open for Business – published by PanMacmillan. The latter was based on his ten years as a weekly presenter on African business on 702, KayaFM and SAFM as well as his travel on business to over 25 African countries. Originally a science and biology teacher by training, Victor has conducted media training, coaching and support for several organisations and personalities. He averages four media interviews and appearances every week.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Puleng Makhoalibe
keynote speaker, facilitator and published author

Dr. Puleng has a passion for creativity, design thinking and innovation. She has twenty years of experience working in the private sector, government and in higher educational institutions. She has an unusual ability to connect at a deeper level with her audience and usher them into a "clear think" atmosphere where the imagination and creativity meet and possibilities are born. She is a speaker, facilitator and a published author. Her academic background entails a BSc in Computer Science and Statistics, an MBA and a PhD in Business Management and she is an alumnus at Singularity University (Executive Programme on exponential technologies). Dr. Puleng is a Keynote Speaker who specializes in Design Thinking, Creativity, Facilitation & Training, Project Management, Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, IT Management, Strategy. Her international peers have recognised Makhoalibe as a global leader in creativity and innovation. In 2013, she received an award recognising her contribution to the international community of innovators and creatives. In 2016, she received an Africa Social Innovation Leadership Award. In 2019 she received an award to be part of the women leaders of the world and became a lead for the cohort.

Jean Baptiste Byiringiro
Director of Health Information systems, Rwanda Biomedical Center/MOH

Jean is an eHealth expert who has occupied different IT positions at the Ministry of Health, Rwanda since 2010. He served the Ministry of Health from 2010-2013 under the IT department as an eHealth expert managing and supporting the district health strengthening system. Being an ehealth expert, he has skills in implementing ehealth tools and supporting end users. Two years after, he became the IT coordinator of community health Information systems, leading community system taskforces and implementing partners. Since November 2015, Jean Baptiste is coordinating the health sector digitalization under Rwanda Biomedical centre where he is leading a national team in charge of Health Management Information System (RHMIS) at operational planning and implementation process levels. Jean will take us through the Digital Transformation journey for Rwanda.

Why You Need to Attend

The Public Sector ICT Forum provides a platform and opportunity for public sector ICT decision-makers to come together, engage and discuss key topics.

Key issues the event will address:

  • How the South African public sector has digitally reinvented itself in this fast changing digital climate in order to reclaim its position as a leader in innovation in the continent;
  • How the recently announced budget and the present procurement processes impact CIOs and other IT executives’ ability to deliver mission critical services in this digital era;
  • The role of private sector, civil society, public sector and SMMEs in advancing digital inclusion and economic growth?
  • The adoption and sustainability strategies for new entrepreneurs to employ;
  • Government policies on extending opportunities to areas and sectors of society that have been previously disadvantaged;
  • The importance of getting the youth and other disadvantaged groups to participate in the ICT Sector procurement processes;

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