Join this online session and hear about how public sector entities are embracing collaboration as one of the cornerstones of digital transformation and how this has led to enhanced service delivery in the various arms of the South African public sector.

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  • Date: Friday, 16 July
  • Venue: Online
  • Time: 10:00 - 12:00 (GMT+2)

Public Sector ICT Enterprise Forum:
Collaboration as a driver for digital transformation in the public sector

One of the greatest challenges stifling improvement in service delivery by the South African public sector is the siloed approach of operating. However; with the public sector joining its counterparts in the private sector in adopting digital transformation, it is crucial to bring down those siloes and promote collaboration between the various government departments, agencies and all other state operated institutions.

The Public Sector ICT Forum, which has strategically positioned itself as a conduit for collaboration among national, provincial and local government departments and agencies, SMMEs and civil society organisations, is thus presenting the Collaboration as a driver for digital transformation in the public sector webinar in which leading industry experts from different public sector enterprises will share insights on how collaboration can be promoted in order to drive digital transformation.

The webinar will examine how collaboration can lead to enhanced service delivery, the streamlining of resources and how this will result in great reductions in state expenditure.

Attendance is free; the only prerequisite is that you must be a senior-level public sector ICT decision-maker, a CIO, GITO or DG/DDG focused on ICT strategy within your municipality, government department (national or provincial level) or at a parastatal.

Your Event Host

Victor Kgomoeswana
author, radio and television presenter/commentator

Victor Kgomoeswana has extensive experience in advising multinational corporations on their business expansion strategies across Africa. His media experience dates back to 1996, when he founded, produced and presented a youth talk radio show on Radio East Rand – a community radio station for Ekurhuleni. Some of the young people he trained on the show include the founder and publisher of a national magazine and a senior Executive in Marketing at the SABC.

He is the author of a pocket guide on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and the bestselling 2014 book, Africa is Open for Business – published by PanMacmillan. The latter was based on his ten years as a weekly presenter on African business on 702, KayaFM and SAFM as well as his travel on business to over 25 African countries. Originally a science and biology teacher by training, Victor has conducted media training, coaching and support for several organisations and personalities. He averages four media interviews and appearances every week.

Why You Need to Attend

The Public Sector ICT Forum provides a platform and opportunity for public sector ICT decision-makers to come together, engage and discuss key topics.

The industry experts at this event will delve deeper into the following:

  • How collaboration will lead to the better and more efficient utilisation of the public sector’s great minds resulting in enhanced innovation and improved service delivery?
  • How collaboration between all government institutions, departments and agencies will lead to the streamlining of resources and thus; the reduction of operational costs and overheads?
  • What policies and strategies are in place, which promote collaboration between the public sector and the other players in the South African economy?
  • How to break the existing siloes and create an open environment that acknowledges and promotes the benefits of collaboration?
  • Identifying the various aspects of the public sector that need to be streamlined in order to create seamless Omni-channel experiences for the citizens while they interact with the government via its various touch points.

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