Jean Baptiste Byiringiro

Director of health information systems in Rwanda Biomedical Center/MOH

Jean Baptiste Byiringiro is an eHealth expert who has been at the Ministry of health, Rwanda since 2010 in different IT positions. He served the Ministry of Health from 2010-2013 under the IT department as an eHealth expert managing and supporting the district health strengthening system. Being an ehealth expert, he has skills in implementing ehealth tools and supporting end users. 2 years after, he became the IT coordinator of community health Information systems, leading community system taskforces and implementing partners, regular briefing of updates on community health systems, supervising the training course for CHWs ensuring a high level on hands skill acquisition, brief software programmer, observe usage pattern and challenges encountered by end-users, analysing systems performance. Since November 2015, Jean Baptiste is coordinating the health sector digitalization under Rwanda Biomedical centre where he is leading a national team in charge of Health Management Information System (RHMIS) at operational planning and implementation process levels. He also lead the design, development and deployment of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at national level and other e-health solutions across all health sector levels; define business and systems requirements for digital health transformation in Rwanda; development and implementation of health information management tools, standards, guidelines and data management instruments; Ensure availability of quality and timely data and provide the capacity to the Districts M&E teams to collect and analyze the health data.

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