Puleng Makhoalibe

Keynote speaker, facilitator and published author

Dr. Puleng has a passion for creativity, design thinking and innovation. She has twenty years of experience working in the private sector, government and in higher educational institutions. She has an unusual ability to connect at a deeper level with her audience and usher them into a "clear think" atmosphere where the imagination and creativity meet and possibilities are born. She is a speaker, facilitator and a published author. Her academic background entails a BSc in Computer Science and Statistics, an MBA and a PhD in Business Management and she is an alumnus at Singularity University (Executive Programme on exponential technologies). Dr. Puleng is a Keynote Speaker who specializes in Design Thinking, Creativity, Facilitation & Training, Project Management, Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, IT Management, Strategy. Her international peers have recognised Makhoalibe as a global leader in creativity and innovation. In 2013, she received an award recognising her contribution to the international community of innovators and creatives. In 2016, she received an Africa Social Innovation Leadership Award. In 2019 she received an award to be part of the women leaders of the world and became a lead for the cohort.

Puleng Makhoalibe will be speaking on the following topic:

Keynote address - The Alchemy of Innovation and Creativity for ICT leaders in public sector

Digital transformation requires industries and leaders to churn out innovations at a fast pace in response to the fast changing user requirements. This is going to require a whole new way of engaging and leading. In this talk, I explore some of the fundamental shifts in our thinking, engagements, and processes that are necessary in order to create this shift. Beyond technical knowledge, creative leadership is crucial to execute at the speed required to stay ahead. What is creative leadership in this context? What are some of the things we should unlearn, learn and relearn to unleash the potential of our teams, organisations and leadership in the public sector space? The alchemy of innovation consists of simple, human principles that when applied create the culture that breeds innovation.

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