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// July 2006

There`s no curry like Durban curry


The fairytale city of Prague


Of threesomes and four-play

It`s time our telecoms companies stopped spouting marketing porn. Just shut up with the buzzwords and start offering the basic, affordable services a developing country needs....

A question of trust

National Brands started an "efficient consumer response" initiative in 2003. Three years on, it has seen tangible results....

A question of maturity

While some SCM software vendors will tell you that technology is a cure for all supply chain woes, this is certainly not the case....

A network by any other name?

NGN has been the word on the networking street for ten years. Still, how much benefit local companies will see, and when, is a matter for debate....

C-ing stars

Cell C has long been perceived as the poor relation of the mobile operator industry. How accurate is this perception, and is Cell C really struggling?...

Supply chain management - timeline


Customer number one

The old adage about the carpenter`s children never being shod doesn`t apply to BCX. This NGN provider counts itself as its first client....

Revved car dealer

The Virtual Works` V3 solution brings control and visibility to Toit`s Motor Group`s sales process and ability to tailor marketing activities to maximum impact....

Old boys`club

Did Nkenke Kekana`s political ties and links with Telkom two years ago put together the BCX/Telkom deal?...

Not just a job. A balancing act.

There are people who make a lasting impression on us. Sita`s Noedine Isaacs-Mpulo is one such person. She has a passion for life that is infectious....

In the fast lane

Arivia.kom`s former COO has flashed through the South African corporate landscape at lightning speed, leaving behind some immense milestones....

Avast! Oh, ne`ermind

Is anyone in SA even trying to compete for the business of consumers who turn to piracy to see recent US television content?...

Autonomous decision making

Traditional business process planning fails to capture human understanding and knowledge. This may change in five years, but a local company says it can deliver today....

To trust or not to trust a Virgin

What is Virgin Mobile plotting? Is it market domination, or speculative emerging-market dabbling? A look at the start-up`s back-end technology suggests some answers....

Certainly not certain


How quickly they grow up

The geek brains trust of Internet Solutions flew the coop eight years ago, setting out to change the world (but differently this time)....

The city finally finds a fit


SNO`s missing billions?

Transtel`s infrastructure has been sold to the SNO for a song. Strange....


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