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Breaking the banks

Reports of the demise of bitcoin appear to be prematu...

Continue: Business as usual

Business continuity remains a high priority for South African business...

No more the hopeless continent

PwC releases Africa business agenda, and says the glass is now half-ful...

Understanding Africa

How to make friends and influence business in the high-stakes world of African marke...

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EMC declares 2016 to be

EMC declares 2016 to be "the year of all-flash" for primary storage

As data storage costs increase, businesses face the choice of sticking with traditional storage infrastructure, or investing in flash memory. All-flash data arrays deliver better performance and are now comparable in cost to hard drive arrays, says EMC.

Can SA turn insecurity into profit?

Can SA turn insecurity into profit?

A weak economy, advanced malware, information theft, critical infrastructure under siege ... and yet infosec experts are upbeat.

Industry 4.0 moves from 'hype to action'

Industry 4.0 moves from 'hype to action'

While many South African companies are planning to introduce new digital products in the next few years, very few people in companies are 'thinking digitally'.

The ROBIT revolution

The ROBIT revolution

South Africa is not taking a back seat in the Virtual Personal Assistant market: meet ROBIT, an artificial intelligence that books rooms, makes sense of ERPs and even tells jokes.

A tale of two departments

A tale of two departments

The two communications ministries have made little progress in ICT advancement in SA.

Peer pressure

Peer pressure

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