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// June 2011

Bandwidth breakthrough

Ultrafast fibre optics reach their capacity milestone, but can South Africa handle it?...

Brave new urbanism

SA needs simple, sustainable solutions in the face of a global energy challenge....

Not your average accountant

Jene Palmer, outgoing CEO at Spescom, is something of an over-achiever, very driven, and definitely not a boring number-cruncher....

Hybrid protection

Kaspersky’s new products aim to combat increasingly rapid threat emergence....

Opening up the market

With over R2 billion spent in online retail last year, the online marketplace is certainly lucrative. Local start-up claims to remove as many barriers to entry as possible by evolving the way e-commerce operates in SA....

In-flight communications ready for takeoff

In-flight internet and cellphone services are moving closer to reality in the South African airspace....

Shining a light on IT

VMware says true measurement of IT costs is here for the first time in history....

Crunch time

The crunch will be harsher than we expect, and it's coming soon....

Creative to the core

Determined to change the world, Lexi Fontein is set to launch a business collective that will harness the power of local collaboration....

Mauritius and Tunisia: Africa’s ICT stars

Two African countries, Mauritius and Tunisia, are among the top 50 global leaders in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), says a new report....

One step beyond

Software AG has a vision of the future called 'extreme collaboration'....

Not ‘who are you?’, but ‘what are you?’

There is a flip side to internet anonymity. At the same time as it protects individual users’ privacy, it is also the gateway for people with questionable intents. And some of those people aren’t really people....

Google vs Oracle

The gloves are off in a lawsuit over alleged Java patent violations. Does the future of Android hang in the balance?...

New laws get disks in a spin

Will the new South African laws about keeping other people’s information prompt companies to look at how they keep their own?...

On the spot: Safe houses

The IT industry is famous for not eating its own dog food, but does it secure its own houses?...

CIO Roundtable: The network as competitive advantage

New generations of both network services and the people who use them are prompting hard looks at the underlying infrastructure in the public sector....

Applying strategy to crisis leads to opportunity

Linking performance to strategy with enterprise performance management means faster, better-informed decisions....

More speed in the strategy

Large South African companies are surprisingly slow at planning and strategy execution compared to their global peers....

GRC can be a burden or an opportunity

The compliance burden on IT departments is growing by the year under the weight of an increasing list of new laws and regulations....

Managing the cloud business

We speak to the manager of an online business service for SMEs and find out what it takes to run a real cloud business....


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