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// July 2005

Getting smart with enterprise storage

Over the past couple of years, enterprise data storage needs and requirements have been growing at a tremendous rate, even during periods when the economy was sluggish....

Upsetting the Apple cart


Elephant deal rumbles into 2005


Friendly Frangipani

Cape Town`s buffet selection of delis scattered around the peninsula are generally very highly regarded. ...

New chemistry at HP

HP`s new local CEO, Thoko Mokgosi, is clear about where she wants to take the company....

When is a commodity not a commodity?


Talking body language

Technology based on biometrics - measurements of parts of a human body - seems destined to become central to our lives. But do potential benefits outweigh the threat to privacy - and the substantial costs involved?...

Pocket battleships

BlackBerry is finally here, via MTN, but confident first entrant LayerOne seems sure of holding its own....

The trends of 2004 and 2005

From his unique perspective as CTO of Computer Associates, Yogesh Gupta identifies five technology trends that had the greatest impact on IT departments in 2004 - and that will prevail in 2005....

For sale: almost-new TV

A stark choice faces me in 2005. Do as David Bullard did and throw myself on the mercy of Multichoice`s choice of channels, or sell my television....

After the hype, has CRM delivered on its promise?

The ICT industry is surrounded by hyperbole, with many ideas and technologies arriving with a bang and going out with a whimper. CRM has been aggressively marketed - but has it delivered?...

Thin, open and Wyse

As South African companies look to open source technologies and thin client architectures to deliver greater value from the desktop, Wyse Technology is about to introduce a new generation device that combines the two and may well drive Linux desktops furt...

3G after the storm

3G has arrived in South Africa to mixed sentiment. Opinions on the new offerings vary between bullish, bearish and downright sceptical....

Dizzying deals


Telkom unleashed

The year 2004 was dominated by protracted BEE Charter negotiations and numerous BEE deals. Corporate news was a mixed bag, and the year ended on a high following the declaration that, indeed, voice is indistinguishable from data. ...

Weaving webs of relationships

Strategic alliances are a necessity rather than a strategic option for IT companies competing in a rapidly changing industry with demanding customers with increasingly complex needs....


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