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// July 2007

NGN timeline


A new telecoms landscape


Capitalising on its NGN investment

Alexander Forbes is realising cost-savings and efficiency improvements as a result of its IP telephony rollout....

Beyond Bells and whistles

Next generation networks, triple-play, find me, follow me, make sure work can hunt me down whenever and wherever. Beyond the hype around the converged IP network, what benefits does this new world really deliver?...

An opportunity lost

Too much work and not enough people. That`s the summary of local software development in South Africa....

Build or buy?

It's said that the lifeblood of an IT economy is the state of its software development industry. Brainstorm asks local developers about the skills crisis and the build versus buy question....

Corporate governance drives IT spend


Directors` heads on the block

Corporate governance has made company boards responsible. Directors can no longer claim ignorance or blame line management when things go wrong. Compliance is critical and ensuring it is sustained is even more important....

Least valuable professional

How do you annoy Microsoft? Simple, really. Improve on its products....

Small in stature, big on ideas

Despite its diminutive geographic scale, Taiwan has not been precluded from being a prominent player within the global ICT industry....

The devil`s in the detail


CERN turns SOA to science

The world's largest scietific instrument is being readied using SOA technology - and it may change our view of the universe....

eNatis a good bad example

No one was covered in glory as the implementation of the much-maligned eNatis project became a PR disaster....

Through the first hurdle


Under Big Blue African skies

IBM South Africa has emerged as one of the country`s most impressive off-shoring success stories. Its strong track record in the global market is helping it win deals in South Africa, too....

Africa`s quiet revolution

Bridging the digital divide has gone from serious intent to cliché, yet big things are afoot in Africa, where the divide is the widest....

Business intelligence sound bites

Since the last Brainstorm business intelligence round table, there has been some consolidation in the vendor market....

New technologies that excite the geeks


Data warehousing grows up

Next-generation data warehousing is the foundation of HP`s recently launched Neoview platform....

A view of the future

In about ten years` time, servers will no longer exist, networks will link services together and today`s software functionality will reside in the network. Sound a little futuristic? Cisco doesn`t think so....


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