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// July 2009

Things that raised a chuckle


The myth of “cost-recovery”

Whenever government proposes to provide a service, we hear promises about pricing. Pity they’re meaningless. ...

Predators stalk Informatica

ETL vendor Informatica must be on someone’s shopping list, but it’s unclear who will bite. ...

Tech gets a sporting chance

Even sport gets technological as sportsmen embrace the digital life. ...

Seeing right through government

Botswana offers lessons in transparency as metros bungle broadband initiatives. ...

No country for old men

Young people today are waiting for the older generation to die off so they can get on with using technology. ...

Public broadband? No thanks!

Government wants to turn broadband into a municipal service to cut prices. Detractors aren't so sure it should or could.  ...

Who hath the debit order, hath the power

Abuse of debit order authority, whether negligently or intentional, seems rife. As power relations go, the consumer has a very short end indeed. ...

Sea change for African connectivity

The West-African Cable System will change the face of African connectivity forever, but the story of how it came about is even more fascinating. ...

Square pegs in round holes

Business units and IT can and have to meet if the enterprise is going to survive the digital revolution. The CIO plays a central role in this. ...

Leaving it to the experts

NMG consultants and actuaries outsourced its infrastructure to Bytes in 2006. The CEO says it’s been boring since then. ...

Counting greenbacks

The recession has even hit green issues, a recent Gartner survey found. ...

As smooth as Swiss chocolate

Perago, a small company from sunny South Africa, is taking over the international banking world from its new base in Switzerland. ...

Will Sun shine on?

In a move that not even an Oracle could have predicted, Oracle snapped up Sun Microsystems for $7,4bn. What’s going to happen next? ...

Size is an issue for Microsoft

Netbooks are the only computers selling well, which is bad news for Microsoft – as its latest quarterly numbers show. ...

Undeniably historic

At 12 years old, open source software barely deserves to be in a history piece, but its influence means IT's history cannot be writ without a mention. ...

On the spot : Security

Spear-phishing is as painful as it sounds, especially if your CFO is caught on the hook. ...

Cutting corners to trouble?

BI investment needs to go up – not down – during tough times. ...

Recover, resume, repeat

When it comes to disasters, once is more than enough, which makes the holes most companies have in BC & DR plans a real problem.  ...

I can likez to haz a blog

Has the corporate world hopped onto the social networking bandwagon? And more importantly, why should it?   ...


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