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// July 2009

Frugal and global: how IBM saved money

As former CIO of IBM, Brian Truskowski had to get creative about saving his company’s money. Technology helped. ...

A breath of fresh air

It doesn’t always have to be about the financial benefit; it can have a healthy effect too. ...

Deep diving for data

A search tool that indexes and correlates common IT data is making waves locally. ...

Broadband gets the royal treatment

Royal Bafokeng is driving economic expansion and diversity by making broadband a crucial part of the nation’s 30-year development plan. ...

Giving it all away

Why would you want to share your company’s intellectual property when your business is to sell content? ...

Moving ahead with education

Cellphones help us keep in touch, take photos, listen to music and tell us where to go. Now they’ll educate us too. ...

On the Spot: Managed Services

CIOs are looking to cut costs in already lean IT departments. Are managed services providers at risk? ...

A hard sell

Information lifecycle management has been around for over 20 years, but enterprises are only now finding out how vital it is. ...

The king is coming

King II is here. As of 1 July a whole new raft of recommendations with a whole lot of implications for IT became your, yes, your, problem. Or did they? ...

One server at a time

The world’s data centres are going virtual, as are some of its desktops. The benefits are well known, but what about the pitfalls? ...

The V-word

Virtualisation is it. Hip, hot and happening. And causing changes wherever it goes. ...

Acting out

From wannabe actor to high-profile company director, Craig Gibson is relishing his latest role. ...

You’ll love it!

Paris, the international city of love, is a must for the romantic and everyone else too. ...

Innovation bytes

New technologies that excite the geeks ...

Governance demand to increase

The worldwide economic downturn is likely to bring governance into the spotlight as a competitive advantage, for those that have it. ...

Icasa’s swing and miss

The regulator’s ill-timed swipe at Vodacom will cost it dearly. ...

FNB banks on telecoms

The bank sets itself up as a Telco, offering voice and data services exclusively to its customer base. ...

Eyes right!!! …but are they the right eyes?

Industry’s initial reaction to the appointments of Siphiwe Nyanda and Dina Pule as minister and deputy minister of communications has been deafening by its silence. ...

Telco tiff

The Idols voting debacle has caused a major rumpus in the Telco sector, with blame flying around like, well, Idols votes. ...

We’d love to know

Sigh! So many questions, so few answers. We dare you to tell it like it could be… ...


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