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// June 2010

Electric white elephant

The notion that a locally-made electric car will be successful is a delusion....

Why are we so excited about Paypal?

PayPal’s entry into SA is no reason to jump up and down....

Cloud? What cloud?

Cloud computing apparently has local CIOs stumped. Either that or it’s so hushhush they’re sworn to silence... ...

Regulation is the name of the game

Pharmaceutical players need to be able to track everything. ...

Where online and print meet

Bringing some personal permanence to the online world is proving a hit for a young Cape company....

Wake-up call on the way

Identity and access management adoption shouldn’t be pushed by law but rather by the pain of loss....

Will the real story please stand up?

The ICT sector is by no means the only one where information released and reported is often not the whole story. Sometimes it looks like one of the worst, though. Maybe it’s time to get real?...

PayPal – it’s a long-term love affair

PayPal is heading for SA. This can only be good news....

Rocking the world to its core

A Stellenbosch-based firm is set to reap the rewards of a growing market for superconductive circuit technology with its world-first design tool....


Yamaha MCR-040 ...


Epson Photo P6000 ...

Ministerial determination

General Surprise aims to become General Delivery as Communications Minister Siphiwe Nyanda takes on an unenviable legacy. ...

Neutral is the new black

Lock-in has been the name of the game in the internet service provision and hosting markets in South Africa – until now....

Rethinking personal health records

Who would have thought that the cardboard file that your doctor uses to identify you could become the source of a multimillion-dollar initiative to improve personal health records? ...

Software at the speed of thought

Two brothers have developed a new way of representing and working with information. ...

Insurance sector reengineers itself

It’s all about the customer right now. ...

Beyond 2010 – what have we got?

It’s finally here – 2010, that is. CIOs reveal how they’re gearing up for the World Cup and what impact it’s having on their businesses. ...

Face-off in China and on the web

Google’s spat with China is momentous for all sorts of reasons ...

Just call it Vodascum

For a case study in staggering incompetence and complete disregard for customers, just look to Vodacom. ...

An uncalculated move

Asher Bohbot’s move to South Africa may have been unplanned, but in every other aspect of his life, he is a cautious, conservative character. ...


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