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// July 2011

Game on

Gaming is big business, with many successful studios in the UK and US pumping out digital entertainment for millions of dollars. There is no longer any shame in saying you want to grow up to work with video games....

Icasa versus Telkom

Round two of the local loop unbundling debate kicked off recently with the release of Icasa's discussion document on LLU....

New incentives to boost SA’s BPO

The dti has new incentives that should make South Africa a more palatable outsourcing destination. But the window of opportunity is small....

On the spot: ERP for SMEs?

ERP has long been touted as SME-friendly, but is it really ready for the small time?...

Editor's note

Brainstorm magazine turns ten this month – that’s ten years of great reading, and 110 issues crammed with content you just can’t miss out on. ...

CIO Roundtable: Working together

How does the modern CIO ensure that those who need to can collaborate? ...

Developing a winner

Agile software development reduces the risk of project failure, but not the cost....

Steady spending,slow progress for government ICT

Public sector ICT spending is on the rise, but government still lacks a national vision for technology's role in service delivery....

Channelling technology

Getting technology to your desk involves more steps and more people than many realise....

Cutting-edge eyewear

Advances in materials technology take seeing to a new, hard-to-believe reality....

Network operators kill SA’s economy

Telcos have millions of customers over a barrel, and they’re ruining financial reputations with careless glee. It’s time for drastic action....

The cogs are turning

South African startup Cognician is turning knowledge into cogs and startup success into stories....

Bandwidth glut?

Africa's predicted bandwidth glut hasn't quite arrived yet....

Figures at your fingertips

Forecasting is hardly an exact science, but research into historic trends can provide insight into the diection markets may take. International and local research houses share their predictions of what the future holds....

Things that raised a chuckle


The real Twitter revolution

Forget Twitter’s role in the Middle East; it’s in the West where it’s been deadly....

Is it too late for LLU?

Local loop unbundling is hailed as the next big telecoms cost breakthrough – due to bring competition at the last mile and make consumers happy. That’s a vast over-simplification, however....

Animators of The Bushveld

South Africa is about to debut its first major 3D animated movie....

Information banking

If you’re archiving all your information in the cloud, you may as well put that data store to work. And if your information is being gathered in a communications system where it is accurately indexed, then the possibilities are endless....

Voting with your Tweet

Young Nigerians are using Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools to keep their elections fair and their politicians honest. Perhaps there are lessons for other countries in Africa....


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