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// July 2011

IP mania reaches fever pitch

Otto’s character in A Fish Called Wanda has something to teach us....

Love it? Please 'Like It'!

‘Like’ or ‘Tweet This’ buttons are greater than parts of faddish social network sites. In fact, they are the way we hold on to the web....

Measuring up

The DoC released its eBarometer Index in early August. It holds, by and large, bad news in terms of SA’s ICT ratings, but possibly good news for policy and regulation going forward. Brainstorm  investigates....

Blazing trails, busting myths

Seven countries, seven checkpoints, seven parties and many, many lessons; that’s what the Put Foot Rally is all about....

Web 2.0: gold or fool’s gold?

A run of acquisitions and anticipated IPOs has put the focus on the real value of Web 2.0 companies. People are again asking: is Web 2.0 the next dotcom bubble?...

Taking a detour

Google SA head Luke McKend is the first to admit his career has been a little, well, unplanned....

Easy money?

Virtual currency, you say? Made on the internet? Get real......

Transforming Africa

Addressing Africa’s infrastructure challenges will require what used to be known as ‘out of the box’ thinking, nowadays known as good old innovation....

Onward to the Android-mobile

Will Android get milk for you in the not-too-distant future? Google’s Dave Burke suggests that and other new developments powered by Android are a possibility that’s not too far-fetched....

Teraco grows on neutrality

No shackles from your hosting provider? Inconceivable!...

Joule ambitions

Optimal Energy introduces home-grown battery technology with elegant designs, but the EV industry remains tricky....

SA’s race to space

Is SA’s investment in space technologies worthwhile?...

Epson means business

A Japanese company is betting on its Micro Piezo technology to make business inkjet printers a viable laser alternative....

Pwned: why companies need to revisit the basics

Security fundamentals are more relevant than ever as everyone and his dog grabs an iPad and heads off to the cloud....

On the spot: CRM – project or strategy?

Is CRM part of enterprise strategy or still out in the cold?...

CIO Roundtable: Enterprise apps go mobile

How do organisations expose enterprise applications to their mobile workforce?...

No end to ICT skills crunch

South Africa’s ICT skills shortage starts at schools and universities, but the industry is also not doing enough to build its base of skills for the future....

CIO Roundtable: Bearing down on the financial world

Cloud technologies make internal IT easier, but still rightly scares financial institutions subject to fearsome regulations. Can they compromise?...

Getting the cloud you pay for

Cheap, flexible, reliable – pick two for your utility-metered cloud....

Taking it to the enterprise

Selling big iron and big solutions means knowing a bit about everything....


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